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Friday, October 2, 2009

Sticky Fingaz Goes From Rapper To Fan Addict?

As if Guardian of Eden weren’t enough for two of the hardest working filmmakers in Hollywood, there is another film on the roster, FanAddict, starring Tangi Miller and Sticky Fingaz, whom you’ll remember from the award-winning hip-hop group ONYX and a long list of film and television appearances.

FanAddict, the latest film from Olivia Entertainment, follows Cheli Dayton, a world renowned musician who has the world at her feet, paparazzi at her door and a heroin needle to her arm. Haunted by the suicide of her mother, Cheli descends on a downward spiral thatdestroys her own happiness and almost her life. Enter Alex Adams, a perfectionist loner, who happens to be Cheli Dayton’s number one fan. Cheli and her number one fan live parallel lives of pain and solace in the music until a twist of fate (and Cheli’s drug desperation) leads the two to cross paths. Alex, finding a drugged out Cheli, alone and unconscious, seizes the opportunity to save his favorite celebrity, promptly kidnaps Cheli, right in the middle of her concert tour. Through tough love, can Alex saves Cheli from herself and in turn redeem and renew his own long suffering soul?

IDK, I doubt I'll be impressed. However, Sticky Fingaz is kinds cute to look at with his cock-eyed self...

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