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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Letter My Ex wrote me the 1st time he got locked up...

I wasn't going to post it but everytime I read this I smile. He was my 1st love. I remember the day I got this in the mail.  Enjoy!!!

I Cant Blame U

I know there are times where you doubt all my love
I cant blame u
I know youre upset that Im doing this time
I cant blame u
I know there is hard because I left u alone
and still I cant blame u
But listen
We started out simple with words I would say
directed @ u as u walked away
Would ask u a question just 2 hear speak
You never know when your voice was so sweet
Would stop u @ times just 2 look @ youre face
Everyone of those times, I remember the place
Still remember the time I knew that I could spend my life with a person I knew was good!
It was beautiful we crossed paths
Never knowing we were each others other half
Remember our walks & everything we spoke
How sex was always apart of the joke
As time crept by we felt more secure
knowing in our hearts this love was 4 sure
Slowly we did things 2 teach us our ways
Only 2 awaken 2 much brighter days!
The days went on and stronger we felt
that if this love were ice it would never melt
Til one day I awoke & changed it all
Yet before it happened I made the call
I said "Today seems funny; its not my day"
Yet I still went out & projected my way
Now today has come & my skies are grayer then blü
But whatever u desire
I still can't blame u
Written by Keith
to Joseph 04.18.05

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