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Monday, August 30, 2010

What is it about gay hookup sites?

What is it about gay hookup sites that give guys the same courage to speak up & holla at someone the way that liquor or substances do for most?

NYC may be a big city but for most of us NY natives it might not be big enough. This city is filled with tons of gay people. We walk past each other on the streets, train, buses, clubs & other social venues. However, very few people like to speak up when they see someone they like. I know many of you are wonder where this is coming from. I just find it funny that you can come in contact with a person multiple times in a number of places and not even exchange a hello. You might get a look here and there or even play those lil flirtatious eye games but it’s VERY rare that 1 dude will step to the next dude (unless the person is under some kind of influence: Weed, Alcohol, etc). Now when that same dude comes across your profile on A4A, M4N or BGC they wanna hit you up. Now with the exception of the DL dudes why is it that most other gay males will bypass you in public but want to chop it up online. Is it a self esteem thing? I assume for most it might be fear of rejection. However, to me, rejection is rejection be it online or in person. I spoke to this dude today on A4A that I’ve know of for a while. We follow each other on twitter and even have each other as friends on BBM, but today happened to be the 1st time we ever really spoke. And yes, the 1st half of the convo took place on A4A before we moved it to BBM. To be honest I was shocked the person hit me up. I was even more shocked when the person went on to tell me they’d try to holla at me in the past as well. As I said before we’re twitter & BBM friends I don’t know why he waiting so long to hit me up. Better yet, if he had not seen my A4A page would he have hit me up at all?

I don’t know. I really didn’t have like a whole big main idea in mind when I decided to write this post. I just thought I’d display my thoughts. I’ve noticed that most of my blog posts are about events & don’t really have anything that really shows my personality or any personal side of me really, with the exception of my poems. So from this day on I promise to you that I will post more about what goes on in my crazy lil head.

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