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Thursday, August 12, 2010

~*~ Value Of Friends ~*~

It is a difficult time sometimes to come to the rational that some people in your life have no "value" to give! 

Now, when I say value and I am not talking about assets, bank accounts, money, cars, house, apartment... I mean to take the time and really look at how much value a person can provide is a difficult yet "eye opening" situation.   It always amazes me how fast you can let someone walk out of your life.  Well there is a saying that fast as you come is fast as you go!  Nevertheless it is a person’s value that should determine how fast he/she can leave. 

What happens when you value more to a person than they value to you? I believe that there comes a point where we have to look at the value of all the people that we deal with on a weekly, daily, month and hourly basis.  After looking at who adds value to your life then you can look at the people who do not any value and realize that it is not their value that you are looking at but more so their immediate satisfaction of being apart of your life.   Every one that is apart of your life is not necessarily there for value but more so for a season or reason! 

Look at your list of friends and mates and see how much value do they really have in my life... Some of the nuances of life that we experience can be avoided because we are giving someone who has no value in our life the placement of someone who has longivity and value....  An associate can not be a friend because a friend’s value is more than an associate or aquantiance can ever be!  Know your value to someone and make sure you know the value of your peers to you.... Just a food for thought!

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