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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jay-Z to Lil Mama: You T-Paining Right Now

Who would have known Sunday night’s VMAs would serve as such a source of laughter this far into the week? The latest bit of comedy? Well, as Lil Mama’s reps warned us, she does have more to say about the incident in which she crashed Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance at the VMAs.

Lil Mama sat down with MTV News to further explain her actions. According to Lil Mama, when she appeared on stage Jay-Z told her “oh, you T-Paining right now, huh,” referring to T-Pain’s stage crash during Jay’s performance of D.O.A. at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. Lil Mama, however, said she didn’t know what Jay said and thought “he was like, ‘OK, enjoying the moment with me, interacting.’” Lil Mama said, “after watching it from home, watching myself on the Internet, I’m bouncing and I’m coming toward Jay-Z and he’s backing up. And my emotions at the time was like a vibe, like ‘Yeah, New York.’… Now that I’m home, I was like, ‘Wow, Jay-Z wasn’t feeling it.’”

Lil Mama has apologized since the incident. She further stated in the interview, “I would never get up there and try to disrespect Jay-Z or take a moment that someone else created and try to live it. I’m too original for that and I respect him too much for that.”

Here's the video of the actual interview...

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