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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer Loses Re-Election; Blames It On Cross-Dressing Photos

East Cleveland mayor Eric Brewer was caught in a cross-dressing scandal, which he alleged was spawned by his opponent in the mayoral race, Gary Norton; a scandal which he believes may have cost him the race. Photos that appear to be of Brewer dressed in women’s lingerie circulated the net and news programs nationwide just days prior to voters hitting the polls.

In a press conference held outside his office, Brewer stated, “While I am not and will not authenticate any of the pictures, since it appears as if they and the e-mails my opponent has caused to distributed are personal in nature, the fact is they are embarrassing to our city.”

Brewer further alleged the East Cleveland police were also involved in distributing the photos, citing the reason being revenge over Brewer’s request that the U.S. Justice Department investigate possible police corruption. The photos were supposedly taken from Brewer’s hard drive after he took his computer in for repair.

The election which was held yesterday (September 29), resulted in Brewer losing his seat to Norton. Brewer, who only received 36% of the votes, released the following statement to Fox 8 after his loss: “it’s kind of a bittersweet situation for me, we worked hard, not only over the last four years, but for this campaign, we’ve held 175 town hall meetings to the one meeting that my opponent held to share information with his residents, we brought open government back to East Cleveland, we got the water rates lowered, we reduced crime by 40 to 75 percent, we brought respect back to the city.”

While Brewer blames his loss on the release of the racy photos, a tally of absentee ballots sent in before the scandal shows Brewer was behind Norton in the votes by almost 2 to 1.

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