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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Funny People

You know sometimes people say the damnedest things, shoutin' out rude remarks hoping it stings.

They look at you funny talking & walking around, or even minding your business not making a sound.

And for strange reasons I don't know why, their stupidity & ignorance make them say things hoping you cry.

However It's only together chillin' with the boys, is when most of them choose to make the most noise.

When you finally had enuff & wanna get it poppin', it gets so quiet you can hear a rat pissin' on cotton.

Then again all alone It's like they have stealh, staying out of the radar you know homie your playin' yourself.

I don't know why, why they can't see. Nothing they say bothers me.

If you can't take a hint, I'll offer some help. You wouldn't be a problem if you just shut the fuck up.

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