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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good guy, Bad guy

Good guy, Bad guy ~~> Question- Which one am I?

Growing up my mother told me being a good guy was the way to be, going through a mental conflict that I could not see.

In school I always stuck to the positive ways, coming home with report cards flossin' all A's.

Somewhere along the line I don't know where I went wrong, somehow anger & misery became the name of my song.

Dropped out of school and into the wrong mix, coming home high & disrespectful calling my mom a fat b*t*h.

I remember the time she tried to confront me with the switch, telling her you mis-heard me I said I had a bad ich.

My life spiraled out of control and all out of wack, it's a miracle I didn't result to smoking crack.

With the past being gone and the future so near, however now I'm living in a present of fear.

So back to the question: good guy, bad guy which one am I?

I've always been a good guy, just livin' a bad guy lie.

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