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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting Sick Of A Friend

Why is it that when you don't wanna be bothered people take it personal?

I have someone that I used to be close with. I wouldn't say we were bestfriends, but we hung out a lot. Over time I've been seeing little things here and there about the person that I don't like. He Spends more time talking about bullshit. Things that i don't think anyone cares about. If he's not talkin bullshit, he's spreading othe peoples' business. It pisses me off because he talks about people like his life is glitter gold. When infact the truth is, it's really not. Far from it . Most of my other friends that know him tell me that he tries to be like me. I didn't see it at first but more recently I've been seeing it. It's not just me tho. I'm convinced he doesn't know how to be himself. BUT! How could you be yourself, if you don't kow yourself? IDK all I know is that I can't stand to be around him. What makes it even worse, we work together. I mean like share a fuckin office. Looking at him now gives me a headache. Hearing his voice and mostly when he laughs makes me wanna vomit. IDK what wrong with me. I wish I knew why I feel that way towards him. I mean he hasn't done anything personally wrong to me. Besides him being 2-faced, sneeky, a gossip queen, drama queen, shit/rumor starter, and just royal pain in the ass I guess he's ok. I thought for a while it was just me. It's not. My other friends that know him also feel the same. They also agree he is annoying. Let's just say he's not a person you'd invite 1st to a party. Still I don't know if he does this on purpose b/c he wants attention(for people like him any attention is good attention). But As for me I don't like to be around him. I do not enjoy nor to I desire to talk to him anymore. Everytime I talk to him I get mad at myself because I know b4 the convo starts i'm gonna be over it. Yet I still entertain the convo and get over it, as usual. So I've started to just not speak at all. I mean it's working for me. Besides I really have nothing to say to him. I know he feels some sort of way. I don't care. I'm not gonna be like my other friends tho. I'm not gonna say how annoying he is whens he's not around and KiKi with him when he is around. Nope them I would be just as fake as him. I forgot to mention that he was fake. Very phoney. The phoneiness like oozes from his pores. §o he's just another tally in my "I had to cut you off" list. Do I feel bad? Sometimes. However only on the strenght that he has done nothing to me. I can't help the fact that he's an annoying fuck. I can only help how I let it affect me. §o if i'm not around the shit, I can't smell it. Well I think I've expressed myself enough about this topic. I know if the person I was talking about reads this he's gonna do what he does best.. Talk, talk, talk. I don't care. He can talk shit and read me all he wants. That just proves my point!!! Anyways, I Just needed to vent and release.

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