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Monday, September 8, 2008

Gay Scorpio Dating: Only the Strong Survive

Some like it hot. Some like it stinging hot. And some like to date Scorpios.

If you enjoy wrestling rattlesnakes for their eggs or snatching honey from an angry hive of bees, at some point you'll probably be cruising for a Scorpio. He'll be the handsome, muscular stranger lurking in the corner like a warlock, clad in a sleeveless black vest over his bare chest, daring you to dance with his penetrating gaze.

Not just anyone can be invited to share his lair. Aloof, casually social, and intensely independent, Scorpio prefers hunting to being hunted. You don't pick up a Scorpio so much as get consumed by him.

Private rather than lonesome, Scorpios form close-knit friendships and tend to be a hit with the crowd, but prefer to stick with a small circle of intimate and trusted confidants. These will be the gatekeepers whose approval you'll need before gaining admittance to his clique.

Burn the Scorpion, and you'll find that not only does he not accept apologies, he does not listen to them. Cheating on Scorpio is a mistake very, very few repeat, as he can be furiously jealous, and only has about a half inch of wick on the quarter-stick of dynamite in the first place.

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